Ask Herzl


Ask Herzl is a database for Israel programs and strategies created for YOU, by YOUR request, with YOUR feedback. Have more questions about the site? You've come to the right place. Sign up at and have access to a library of program ideas, strategy guides, speakers, and more!

Search for the program idea you're looking for or submit your own! The best submissions will be eligible for The Theo Awards, $1,000s in awards and grants.

WHAT: Ask Herzl is a website that will serve as a database for Israel programs and strategies. It will also connect students and professionals around the country who are working on similar initiatives and facing similar challenges to collaborate and share best practices. Users will be able to submit resources for the Israel community to see, share, critique, and “like.”

  • Programs: Submit and search for “ready to run” programs that cover specific topics, like the environment, or that accomplish your goals, like leadership engagement.
  • How-To’s: Find out what is working elsewhere. Submit and browse guides that share best practices for how to use effective strategies on campus. Examples could include How-To Do Effective Birthright Follow Up, How-To Implement a Study Abroad Program, How-To Start an Israel Club, and How-To Counter a Divestment Bill.
  • Speakers: Don’t take someone else’s word for it. Rate and critique pro-Israel speakers, see what others think, or submit someone new. Looking for someone to speak about a specific topic? Figure out who is the right fit for your program.
  • The Network: Connect with others just like you to find the right contacts in “the Israel network” to support the work you are doing.


WHY: Each year students and professionals are forced to “reinvent the wheel.” The best programs and advocacy strategies are often lost because student leaders and professional mentors leave without preserving or sharing that knowledge with others. Ask Herzl seeks to offer you a world of programs and strategies to support Israel on campus and in your communities, and serve as a venue to store and preserve that knowledge and programming.

WHO: Ask Herzl will be a resource for anyone involved in Israel programming. This could include campus Israel activists, high school educators, Jewish communal professionals, and post-college professionals. It will serve as a great resource for a variety of communities and organizations interested in Israel programming.


The Finer Points:

  • Features: Users are able to rate program quality as a way to recommend exemplary programs or how-to’s to others. By registering, users can contribute programs, while saving programs they are interested in for later use. Each user can setup notifications to be told when resources are submitted by a certain campus, organization, or about a certain topic. With social media integration, users can login using Facebook and share resources with friends.
  • For Campuses and Organizations: There are campus pages for universities to collect all the resources that have been submitted from a specific campus. Organization pages allow Israel clubs, as well as local and national organizations, to showcase their programs, educational resources, and strategies to the greater pro-Israel community.  
  • Awards: Ask Herzl offers $1,000’s in rewards to individuals and campuses that demonstrate commitment to Israel advocacy programming and strategy, through website engagement and submission of quality resources. Awards include grants for Israel advocacy as well as individual prizes.  
  • A strategic approach to Israel on campus: Many programs will be linked to strategies, to not only offer programming alternatives, but to help develop strategic initiatives that address specific goals and challenges on campus.
For more information, contact Daniel Kuhn of the Israel on Campus Coalition at