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  • Internship - NGO Monitor

    NGO Monitor provides information and analysis, promotes accountability, and supports discussion on the reports and activities of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) claiming to advance human rights and humanitarian agendas. 

    We offer both short term (2-3 months) and long term (6-12 months) internships. 

    Internships are available in two departments: 

    Communications: Responsible for advocating NGO Monitor’s approach, goals, and mission through working-level contact with local and international journalists, and by developing and maintaining contacts with senior officials in relevant government institutions. The Intern will also create and develop original documents, PowerPoint/Prezi presentations, and other materials to effectively communicate our research and unique perspective on human rights non-governmental organizations.

    Research: The internship involves monitoring and responding to developments in the NGO world, and in-depth research and writing for NGO Monitor projects. Research topics range from local Israeli and Palestinian organizations to large international groups, as well as government and private funders. Interns conduct research and assist senior researchers with research projects (primarily through online research) on the activities, funding, and rhetoric of NGOs.

    Dates * Ongoing
    Location * Jerusalem
    Contact * Naftali Balanson 
    Email * 
    Phone * (202) 241-1399 
    Website * 

  • Fellowship - Hasbara Fellowships

    Hasbara Fellowships uniquely brings hundreds of students to Israel each year for 16-days of pro-Israel education. The goal of the Hasbara program is simple: to empower a community of pro-Israel university students to have strategic impact for Israel on their campuses. We firmly believe that proper Israel advocacy education is the most crucial component of a successful pro-Israel movement on campus. All other components of success for the pro-Israel movement - including programming, materials, speakers, conferences, relationship building, talking points, etc. - depend on cultivating well-educated student leaders who can plan strategically and execute effectively.

    Dates* December 15-31 and December 22-January 6
    Location* Israel
    Contact* Galia Nurko 
    Phone* (646) 365-0030 

  • U.S. Programs Internship - Project Interchange

    Project Interchange, a non-profit institute of the American Jewish Committee, develops and conducts educational seminars in Israel for current and emerging United States and international leaders. Participants include Parliamentarians, state officials, civic and business leaders, print and broadcast media, ethnic and religious leaders, university presidents and student leaders, and counter-terrorism and law enforcement experts.

    Since 1982, Project Interchange (PI) has equipped over 6,000 seminar participants from more than 76 countries with a balanced foundation for understanding Israel’s history, diverse makeup, and strategic objectives. PI seminars are highly interactive and promote dialogue on a wide array of complex issues.

    The internship:

    We seek interns who will assume the following responsibilities:

    - Support communication with seminar participants from across the United States;
    - Assemble lists of program resources for future seminars;
    - Assist with development of seminar participant pre-departure briefing books;
    - Perform research and generate reports and dynamic documents;

    Qualifications: Candidates should be detail-oriented, demonstrate stellar written and communication skills, enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, and be knowledgeable about international relations and the Middle East. This internship requires diligence and the ability to handle multiple projects. Experience updating/maintaining webpages strongly preferred.

    Commitment: Interns are expected to work at least 10 hours per week, for at least one semester (approximately 4-5 months). 

    Benefits: Great opportunity to learn about the non-profit world working with Israel, a chance to contribute to fostering peace and understanding between societies, and a chance to work within the premier Jewish organization in the country, developing a network of high-level connections from across the country.

    How To Apply: Please send a resume, brief writing sample, and a cover letter explaining your qualifications and why you are interested in this internship.

    Dates* January - June 2013
    Location* Washington, DC
    Contact* Allison Tenenbaum 
    Phone* (202) 833-0025 

  • Graduate Fellowships - Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME)

    Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) is pleased to announce small grant awards for papers to be delivered at academic conferences, with one purpose to help encourage young scholars to make scholarly contributions at the beginning of their academic careers.

    SPME is an organization dedicated to the non-politicized study of the Middle East and is interested in supporting high level academic work in the humanities and social sciences by scholars about to complete their doctorates or those currently teaching but without tenure.

    Applicants should submit:

    -paper proposal not in excess of 250 words
    and include the name and discipline of the conference where the paper will be delivered, and, if possible the theme of the panel or session which will incorporate the presentation.

    -Material should be sent through the following form:

    Dates* On-going 
    Location* Global
    Contact* Asaf Romirowsky 
    Phone* (215) 866-8811 

  • Fellowship - CAMERA


    CAMERA seeks committed undergraduate students with excellent communication skills who can organize pro-Israel events on campus. Students earn up to $1100 and free trips to Boston and Israel when they become CAMERA Fellows Representatives.

    CAMERA Fellows Reps will:

    • Become official CAMERA representatives and embody our three principles.

    • Organize at least three educational, informational programs during the school year, including a required Less Hamas More Hummus event.

    • Write at least three educational and informational Op-Eds or letters-to-the-editor, and work with CAMERA staff to maintain a high level of accuracy.

    • Monitor and respond to inaccuracies on campus, in the classroom, and in the campus and local press.

    • Keep in touch with other CAMERA students via e-mail, CAMERAonCampus Facebook, and

    • Distribute CAMERA magazines, literature, and accessories at Israel or Middle East-related events on campus.

    • Participate in regular calls with other CAMERA Fellows Reps and CAMERA staff

    • Travel to Israel for 10 days on an all-expenses-paid (flights from NYC) Student Leadership and Advocacy Training trip

    • Attend our all-expenses-paid annual summer Student Leadership and Advocacy Training conference in Boston

    Each year, a select number of outstanding student activists are selected as CAMERA Fellows for its premier leadership development program and are awarded a $1100 stipend.

    Their fellowship year begins with an in-depth, 3-day training seminar that offers skill building for campus activism. This includes programs for educating fellow students about Israel. It also offers effective strategies for countering anti-Israel campaigns on campus such as: Israel Apartheid Week, BDS efforts (boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel), and anti-Israel faculty who proselytize in the classroom and the campus square. The seminar provides relevant areas of content, including an examination of the roles the United Nations and much of the human rights movement play in fueling anti-Israel enmity.

    Throughout the year, CAMERA provides the Fellows with resources for all aspects of their activity, including bringing speakers and sponsoring various events. The fellowship year culminates with an exciting Israel trip designed for interaction between CAMERA Fellows and leading media government, and military experts.

    CAMERA Fellows have published countless Op-Eds and letters countering bias in campus, community, and national media. Their collective efforts has yielded hundreds of pro-Israel events, reaching many thousands of fellow students of all faiths, races, and backgrounds. Many CAMERA Fellows have gone on to careers in media, government, and academia.

    Dates* September 2014-June 2015
    Location* Your campus
    Contact* Samantha Mandeles 
    Phone* (617) 789-3672 
  • Business/Tech Internship - Birthright Israel Excel

    Birthright Israel Excel Fellows will intern at a prominent Israeli company with global reach from a wide selection of industries, including finance, venture capital, consulting, high-tech, marketing, bio-tech and social media. Interns will work in various capacities, including but not limited to global industry research, market expansion analysis, target company financial analysis, company audits and risk assessment, competitive market analysis, start-up company reviews, investor database expansion and cost analysis modeling. Birthright Israel Excel Fellows attend mandatory meetings with distinguished Israeli leaders from business, technology, politics and philanthropic organizations on a broad range of topics including leadership, Jewish identity, the global economy, and teamwork. Upon completion of the summer programming Birthright Israel Excel Fellows participate in web-based and in-person retreat opportunities to enhance their broadening global business outlook and leadership capabilities. 

    Applicants apply for admission to the Class of 2014 Birthright Israel Excel Fellowship. Exact dates of the summer internship program will be announced shortly, but will be from around late May, 2014 through August 1, 2014. Once admission has been accepted, the Fellow will be carefully matched with the appropriate internship opportunity.

    Applications are available online at from December 1, 2013 through February 2, 2014 and require submission of a resume, transcript, essay and two references. 

    • Rising juniors, seniors, or graduating seniors attending graduate programs in the fall of 2014.
    • Interested in career in business or technology.
    • Interested in continued year-long fellowship focused on business network development and leadership.

    Dates* Late May - August, 2014
    Location* Tel Aviv, Israel
    Contact* Rachel Weiss 
    Phone* (646) 453-2011 

  • Film and New Media Internship - JIMENA

    JIMENA has been a leader of the Jewish multicultural movement since our formation in 2001. The organization’s mission is to educate and advocate for the one million Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. Members of our Speakers Bureau have provided testimony at the UN Human Rights Council, US Congressional Human Rights Caucus, European and Italian Parliaments, Israeli Knesset, British Parliament and over 80 Universities in North America. JIMENA carries out its programs in college campuses, community centers, high schools, synagogues & churches, private homes & clubs, the internet, and public institutes in the Bay Area and in other North American regions and cities. 

    The Position:
    JIMENA’s Film and New Media internship program will provide teenagers, college students, and young adults the opportunity to gain experience working on an international Digital Experience Project. Each intern will be able to create their own unique project utilizing JIMENA’s 350 hours of film footage. Opportunities include: film editing, video-transcription, social media projects, digitizing and archiving, online curation, script writing, and film-making. Interns will work with JIMENA staff in developing a project plan and will be responsible for carrying out the project independently. 

    • Commitment to education and advocacy on behalf of Jewish refugees and religious minorities from the Middle East and North Africa
    • Thoughtful, creative, and interested in socially conscious filmmaking and social media 
    • Must have some experience 
    • Self-motivated and able to work independently from personal computer

    Dates* ongoing
    Location* on-campus
    Contact* Sarah Levin 
    Phone* (847) 514-7015 

  • Community Building and Advocacy Internship - JIMENA

    JIMENA has been a leader of the Jewish multicultural movement since our formation in 2001. The organization’s mission is to educate and advocate for the one million Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. Members of our Speakers Bureau have provided testimony at the UN Human Rights Council, US Congressional Human Rights Caucus, European and Italian Parliaments, Israeli Knesset, British Parliament and over 80 Universities in North America. JIMENA carries out its programs in college campuses, community centers, high schools, synagogues & churches, private homes & clubs, the internet, and public institutes in the Bay Area and in other North American regions and cities. 

    The Position:
    JIMENA’s Community Building and Advocacy Internship will provide college students and young adults the opportunity to educate and advocate on behalf of the 850,000 Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. Each intern will create their own on-campus engagement project such as organizing JIMENA's speaker events, launching awareness campaigns, hosting Mizrahi and Sephardic cultural events, and developing research projects on Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. This is a great opportunity for students interested in community organizing, activism, non-profit work, Jewish leadership, and advocacy. 

    • Commitment to education and advocacy on behalf of Jewish refugees and religious minorities from the Middle East and North Africa.
    • Willingness to engage with on-campus student groups.
    • Desire to gain practical skill sets for Israel and Middle East advocacy.
    • Self-motivated 

    Dates* ongoing
    Location* on-campus
    Contact* Sarah Levin 
    Phone* (847) 514-7015 

  • Internships in Israel - Masa Israel Journey

    Whether you're interested in launching your own business, saving the environment, or developing your artistic talent, Masa Israel will help you find and fund the perfect experience. In your Masa Israel internship, we make sure you get as much as possible out of your experience-both personally and professionally. Our interns make connections, gain exposure, and do meaningful work. And the progress they make gets attention both in Israel and back at home!

    Getting started is easy. When you decide to apply, Masa Israel will match you with one of our five internship program providers in Israel. Each provider offers unique tracks and benefits, including housing, intensive Hebrew language classes and medical insurance, but all of them ensure that you'll have plenty of support throughout your stay. Once you fill out the application, the providers you select will contact you to finalize your application and start finding the perfect internship for you. After you and your provider find an internship you're excited about, Masa Israel will then help you get your $3,000 grant (available to all applicants between 21-31 years old who have at least one Jewish grandparent), and see if any additional funding is available.

    Contact* Miranda Bogen 
    Dates* Rolling
    Phone* (212) 339-6976 

  • Student Internship - JIMENA

    JIMENA student interns served as informed JIMENA ambassadors on college campuses nation wide, passionately articulating on behalf of Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. Interns design a JIMENA themed project that is relevant to their course of study and select interns receive a stipend to produce an on-campus JIMENA themed event, such as a screening of the Forgotten Refugees or a presentation by a JIMENA Speaker. Inters help identify the strengths, needs, and opportunities specific to their particular campus.

    JIMENA Internship Objectives – What’s the Internship all about?

    • Developing a deeper understanding of Mizrahi and Sephardic history and culture through the execution of a self-designed research, creative, or technical project

    • Exposing their campus community to the often unknown personal histories of Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa

    • Effectively using the JIMENA narrative for Israel advocacy purposes, and empowering peers to do the same

    • Sharing Mizrahi and Sephardic culture with peers and thereby serving as an example of Jewish diversity, multiculturalism, and religious pluralism on campus

    • Helping preserve Jewish stories, traditions and customs endanger of extinction 

    Requirements of JIMENA Interns – What will Interns do?

    • Serve as informed JIMENA ambassador on campus by staying informed on current events and articulating on behalf of Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa

    • Design and complete an academic project related to Mizrahi and Sephardic history or culture and relevant to their course of study:
    o Can be research-based, creative, or technical project
    o To be agreed upon by Intern and JIMENA Staff (and local advisor, if applicable)

    • Plan and execute a JIMENA-inspired engagement project on campus

    • Maintain consistent communication with JIMENA’s office

    Intern Incentives – What will Interns receive in exchange for their hard work?

    • Potential to earn college credit

    • Distinguishing professional development and experience

    • A unique and rare opportunity to have a profound impact on campus while participating in a selective, new initiative by a highly reputed organization

    • A $200 Stipend awarded in two $100 installments 

    What types of engagement programs would a JIMENA Intern plan?

    • Mizrahi Shabbat Dinner
    • Mizrahi holiday (ex. Mimouna, Rosh Hashana & Passover) 
    • Sephardic Cooking Class
    • Music/Dance Class
    • Costume fashion show 
    • Book club, with a potential to meet the author
    • Country themed nights
    • Social networking events
    • JIMENA Israel Advocacy Training
    • Screening of Forgotten Refugees
    • Presentation by a JIMENA Speaker
    • News briefing on the Middle East by a JIMENA related expert

    Contact: Sarah Levin 
    Phone: (415) 626-5062 

  • Job Opening: Director of Communications -- Israel on Campus Coalition

    Job Opening: Director of Communications -- Israel on Campus Coalition

    The Israel on Campus Coalition (ICC) is a broad national network of students, faculty, campus professionals and community leaders who work to support and strengthen the position of Israel on campus.


    The ICC is seeking a Director of Communications with a strong background in marketing, writing, graphic design, and digital media. This individual will oversee ICC publications, website design and content, media relations, and more. This is a full-time position in Washington, D.C., reporting to the Executive Director.

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    • Serve as ICC’s primary writer, editor, photographer, website manager, and graphic designer
    • Produce and disseminate email newsletters for campus constituents and national partners
    • Manage day-to-day media relations and cultivate relationships with relevant reporters and editors in Washington and on campuses across the United States
    • Promote consistent ICC branding, marketing, use of the logo, and other communications standards
    • Oversee design, content, and maintenance of the ICC website and social media platforms
    • Advise ICC partners on best communications practices

    Required education and experience:

    • 4-6 years experience in a communications position
    • Relevant Bachelor’s degree (English, communications, journalism, design, marketing, etc.) or equivalent experience working in deadline-driven writing environment
    • Background in Israel engagement and passion for ICC’s work

    The ideal candidate will have:

    • Strong writing and editing skills
    • Experience developing a "voice” for an organization
    • Familiarity with web design, layout and programming
    • Practical knowledge of current and evolving trends in online marketing
    • Familiarity with photo and video editing software
    • An understanding of strategic communications and media relations

    Please send a cover letter and resume to In addition, you are welcome and encouraged to attach a writing or design portfolio.