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  • Israel Programs, Speakers and How-To's - Ask Herzl

    Ask Herzl is an online community for Israel activists to share programs and strategies. Browse and submit ready-to-run programs, How-To guides with campus advocacy strategies, and speakers to find the right fit for your community.

    Don't reinvent the wheel. Ask Herzl. 

    Dates * All Year
    Location *
    Contact* Daniel Kuhn 
    Phone* (202) 735-2581 
  • Schusterman #MakeItHappen micro-grants initiative - Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network

    We are excited to share with you the Schusterman #MakeItHappen micro-grants initiative! It's a chance for you to apply for a micro grant to make your ideas happen.

    #MakeItHappen invites you to submit inspiring ideas for creating a Jewish experience that will make a meaningful difference in your community. From hackathons to meet-ups, Shabbat dinners to service projects, this is your opportunity to get creative and show how small change can lead to big impact!

    Between October and December 2013, we will select up to 50 ideas from around the world to receive #MakeItHappen micro grants of up to $1,000. Five ideas could receive up to $5,000.

    Here are three ways to get started:

    1. Submit: Upload an idea (or multiple ideas!) any time until December 6, 2013. It will take you less than 10 minutes.
    2. Support: Volunteer to help others make their ideas happen.
    3. Share: Send #MakeItHappen to your friends, fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you like to convene and converse. We have provided a digital toolkit that offers sample tweets and posts and downloadable graphics.

    Sign up for updates through #MakeItHappen's email list and join Schusterman on Facebook to see selected ideas announced weekly.

    Check out for more information! 

    Dream big. Take risks. #MakeItHappen.

    Dates* October-December 2013
    Location* National
    Contact* National Office 
    Phone* (202) 289-7000 
  • AIPAC on Campus Training Opportunities - AIPAC

    For more than 30 years, AIPAC has helped students find their voices in support of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. AIPAC student activists participate in a variety of training opportunities throughout the year. AIPAC offers political leadership training that gives pro-Israel students the tools they need to be effective. From intensive seminars in Washington, D.C. where students meet with members of Congress, to rigorous trips to Israel where these up-and-coming activists can learn about the issues affecting Israel first-hand, AIPAC prepares young leaders to help build the pro-Israel community on and beyond the campus. AIPAC also offers special student programs annually at Policy Conference, the nation's most widely-attended pro-Israel event. 

    Dates* Year Round
    Location* Washington, DC
    Contact* Adam Teitelbaum 
    Phone* (202) 639-5230 
  • ReThink Israel Campaign Launch - The ReThink Israel Initiative

    reThink Israel™ is an American nonprofit organization (501c3) with a desire to share positive information about Israel’s diversity, ingenuity and international humanitarian outreach. We are secular and nonpartisan, which is why you won’t see any stories about religion or politics on this site.

    Whether through our content, comments section or our social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we want you to experience all the things Americans share with Israelis and how connected we truly are.

    Why? Because Israel is an amazing place and Israelis, like Americans, are innovators, athletes, humanitarians and trendsetters with inspirational stories to share. And we’re here to share them.

    Welcome to reThink Israel™.

    Dates* Now and ongoing
    Location* On line
    Contact* gerald ostrov 
    Phone* (732) 322-8192 
  • Less Hamas More Humus Initiative - CAMERA

    “Less Hamas, More Hummus” is a new college campus program being launched to help American students recognize some of the threats facing Israel and their origins.

    A MEMRI DVD with a compilation of footage emphasizing Hamas’ effort to incite hate through children’s television shows, popular soap operas, political leaders, and mosque sermons is provided. 

    CAMERA can help sponsor an expert to lead question-and-answer sessions with students and discuss the film clips they will watch, and can provide fliers. 

    Students are encouraged to provide Sabra or Tribe Hummus. 

    Dates* Rolling
    Location* On your campus
    Contact* Aviva Slomich 
    Phone* (617) 789-3672 
  • Connect with pro-Israel Clubs - Campuses For Israel

    Campuses for Israel is a grassroots organization that was founded in May 2013 by Raphael Fils and Eytan Davidovits, two young college students who are passionate about Israel and upset with its view on college/university campuses around the world. Wanting a way for all pro-Israel groups around the world to unify, make connections, and exchange ideas, they created Campuses for Israel.

    Campuses for Israel provides an online social network for pro-Israel clubs on college/university campuses. We’re excited about the possibilities and opportunities we can bring to pro-Israel clubs. We hope to help pro-Israel clubs make connections and build relationships with one another. Our social network will also allow clubs to participate in discussions and help shape the new, united pro-Israel front we are creating. We want it to be a democracy, just like Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East. Every club gets an account to our network and a safe space to let their voice be heard.

    Clubs from schools such as Boston University, UCLA, USC, Duke University, Emory University, Northeastern University, University of Miami, Rutgers University, University of Minnesota, and many more have already joined and are connecting with clubs around the country. We hope you are inspired by our efforts and join us!

    Dates: Everyday
    Location: Online
    Contact: Raphael Fils 
    Phone: (408) 466-1519 
  • Write On For Israel - BlueStar

    BlueStar is looking for teens who have an interest in Israel, journalism, documentary film production, public speaking and politics to join BlueStar’s Write On For Israel program at the Palo Alto JCC (with some sessions held San Francisco).

    BlueStar’s year-long Write On For Israel program offers an: 
    -Israel-focused critical thinking, journalism and documentary filmmaking program for 10th-12th graders.
    -In-depth look at Israel’s history, strategic predicament, modern culture, and portrayal in the media.
    -Optional 3-week Israel tour to explore the country while filming a documentary with a team of peers (Participants can elect to do only the low-cost US-based educational program.)
    -Opportunity to learn Journalism skills from professionals.
    Assignments and critical feedback to help develop the participant’s portfolio of written and published news articles and op-eds
    -Expertise in a subject matter that may help boost college application success.
    -Exploration of Jewish life on local college campuses and the chance to meet with current campus leaders.

    Write On For Israel is often life changing for teens. Participants who enter the program with little knowledge about Israel and the Middle East often graduate deeply connected to the strategic issues and challenges. Teens who enter the program already knowledgeable are able to boost their effectiveness in writing, speaking and leadership through our rigorous exploration of difficult and complex issues in the classroom, in Israel and in partnership with college students.

    Dates* December 2013-December 2014
    Location* Palo Alto and San Francisco
    Contact* Kerri Podlas 
    Phone* (415) 543-6300 

  • Positively Israel - Jewish National Fund

    Israel is changing the world - for the better. Through hard work and determination, this young, desert nation is a global leader in renewable energy, agricultural innovation, and medical breakthroughs that improve quality of life all over the world. This is the conversation that the world must have about Israel. The time has come to show the world how Israel makes the world a better place. And it starts with you.

    JNF will bring a Positively Israel program to your campus FREE of charge. Choose from a number of options including a speaker or viewing of the movie Israel Inside. We will work with you to create the most successful Positively Israel program for YOUR campus.

    Dates* on-going
    Location* On campuses across the United States
    Contact* Paige Guber 
    Phone* (212) 879-9305 

  • CAMERA Campus Activist Project (CCAP) - CAMERA

    The CAMERA Campus Activist Project (CCAP) is an exciting new student initiative aimed at helping to create and support pro-Israel student organizations on college campuses across the country. The goal is to enable like-minded students to sponsor educational events and speakers — as well as to respond to biased activity against Israel.

    CCAP works with fledgling or under-funded autonomous pro-Israel student organizations, and/or with individual students who wish to establish new pro-Israel organizations. Each CCAP student organization may receive up to $6000 of funding from CAMERA per academic year, independent of any funding received from other sources. The funds may be used for a variety of different activities that will provide the campus with an accurate portrayal of Israel and the Middle East.

    In addition, CAMERA staff members are available to advise students and organizations on all matters related to Israel activism, including event planning, group funding, advertising
    techniques, suggested speakers, research sources, balanced journalism, and strategies for countering anti-Israel activity.

    Dates* Rolling admission
    Location* Your campus
    Contact* Samantha Mandeles 
    Phone* (617) 789-3672 

  • Israel Advocacy Training - JIMENA

    JIMENA offers pro-Israel Advocacy Training sessions to student groups looking to improve their public speaking, debate, and Israel advocacy skills. Led by internationally acclaimed Israel advocates and educators, JIMENA trainings instruct students how to use the ARM method of debate and incorporate JIMENA talking points into their advocacy efforts. During each training session a member of JIMENA’s Speakers Bureau delivers their personal testimony and is on hand to help facilitate the training. 

    • Students and participants will receive talking points and an advocacy kit, highlighting the narrative of dhimmitude and Jewish displacement from Arab countries.

    • Students will receive concrete pro-Israel advocacy tools and will be trained on how to effectively and peacefully combat Anti-Semitic & Anti-Israel rhetoric on campus.

    • Participants will be given a platform to discuss their personal experiences of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel rhetoric on their college campus and will then use those experiences for guided role-playing of ARM and other advocacy tools presented during the session.

    • Participants will establish a connection to JIMENA and will be encouraged to use the organization as an accessible and valuable resource.

    • Students will hear a personal account of a JIMENA Speaker who will help facilitated the training and may watch the 15 minute Forgotten Refugee film.

    • Students and faculty will have a deeper understanding of Jewish displacement from Arab countries by hearing eyewitness accounts from a JIMENA speaker.

    Contact* Sarah Levin 
    Dates* ongoing
    Phone* (847) 514-7015 

  • NEXT Shabbat - NEXT: A division of Birthright Israel Foundation

    Start Your Weekend Your Way, for Your Friends, with NEXT Shabbat.

    NEXT gives Taglit-Birthright Israel alumni hosting Shabbat meals in the US or Canada resources and up to $224 so that you can celebrate Shabbat your way. Redefine rest with a Friday night dinner or take a break from the daily grind with your friends at a Saturday picnic in the park. Whether your meal feeds five friends or 50, is home-cooked or take-out, involves singing or just schmoozing, get creative and celebrate Shabbat your way:

    Dates* Year-Round
    Location* US and Canada
    Contact* Yishai Mizrahi-Varon 
    Phone* (646) 833-1329 
  • Size Doesn't Matter - Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs

    The Size Doesn’t Matter (SDM) campaign is a cutting-edge social media experience that includes videos, an interactive website and promotional give-aways. Aimed at highlighting the multitude of Israel’s accomplishments and contributions in a new, fun and attractive way, this campaign has quickly become Canada’s most successful of its kind, reaching thousands across the country and beyond.

    SDM aims at highlighting Israeli nightlife, pop-culture, technology, culture, art, innovation and much more!

    Are you looking to plan an event on your campus? We have promo items, info cards and more. Contact us for details on how you can use the SDM campaign on your campus!

    You can also find Size Doesn’t Matter on Facebook and Twitter

    Check out the latest beyond-the-conflict stories from Israel. The SDM blog is updated 3-5 times every day.


  • Bias in the Media Workshop - CAMERA

    Bias in the Media and What YOU can do about it:

    Estimated time: 75 minutes.
    Our presentation covers these main points:
    Part 1. 
    A. Who we are, introduction.
    B. Is the Media Biased Against Israel? How Can I Tell?
    C. Why does it matter?
    D. Faux-tography

    Part 2. Interactive writing workshop
    A. Distribute a biased anti-Israel op-ed
    B. Go over op-ed as a group.
    C. Cover basic letter to the editor essentials.
    D. Get together in small groups and work on writing an introduction to a letter to the editor.
    E. Go over as a group what were the strengths and areas that could be improved in each piece. 
    F. Conclusion. What can we do with these skills on campus? With our campus paper or with social media?

    Below are comments from our anonymous survey regarding the April CAMERA Workshop at the Florida Loves Israel Conference:

    "As far as an overview it was perfect. Complex enough to target the suitable individuals and simple enough that it does not need extensive explanation." 

    "The lecture was great! I learned a lot" 

    "Lecture was detailed and informative, but not too complex" 

    "I wish we had more time in our session to learn more" 

    Some responses from a CAMERA workshop at Brooklyn College:

    "I loved how interactive the workshop was. Too often, even workshops can feel like too much a lecture and not very engaging."

    "Thank you so much for coming to our Hillel. I think that many students realized after this event that it is not as complicated as they thought to write an op ed in the Kingsman or the Excelsiot." 

    "I thought it was helpful that we were able to work on and critique our own letters." 

    Dates* Ongoing
    Location* Your campus
    Contact* Gilad Skolnick 
    Phone* (617) 789-3672 

  • Presentations by Forgotten Jewish Refugees from the Middle East and North Africa - JIMENA

    JIMENA’s 30-member volunteer Speakers Bureau serves as the North American voice of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. The Bureau is composed of specially selected and highly-trained Jews born in Arab countries, who have compelling personal stories and the expertise to represent Jewish refugees from Arab countries. In addition to inspiring the audience with their first hand experiences, speakers empower student advocates with new talking points and information related to the 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries. 

    • Students and faculty will have a deeper understanding of Jewish displacement from Arab countries by hearing eyewitness accounts from a JIMENA speaker.
    • Students will learn about the role Palestinian exceptionalism within international law has played in eclipsing the struggles of other refugee and minority groups from the region. 

    • Students will be empowered to use pro-Israel JIMENA talking points and debate methods, which highlight the story of the Forgotten Jewish Refugees, and serve as powerful counter-weight to distorted views of the conflict in the Middle East.
    • Students will learn about the continuing deterioration of tolerance within the Middle East and North Africa 

    • Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Jewish diversity and celebrate it by incorporating the JIMENA narrative in their worldview.

    • Students will be encouraged to get involved with on-campus activities that provide them with a platform to share the story of Jewish Refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. 

    • Students and faculty will use JIMENA as a resource for in-depth information and speaker requests.

    JIMENA Speakers have presented at over 70 college campuses.

    “Members of the JIMENA Speakers Bureau tell a remarkable story that needs to be told and retold. The plight of Palestinian refugees is a tragic story that has been seared into the minds of every student in the world. Why then, has the history of nearly one million Jewish refugees expelled from Arab lands disappeared so quickly from our collective conscience? JIMENA’s message and the re-telling of their speakers personal histories, make the forgotten story of Jewish refugees from Arab countries come alive. Their message is helping to balance the inaccurate adopted history of the Middle East, which fails to tell the story of oppression and displacement of Jews from Arab lands. In order to have peace and reconciliation between Arabs and Jews, the issue of the Jewish refugees has to also be addressed. “

    - Aaron Tartakovsky , Tufts Student

    Contact: Sarah Levin 
    Phone: (415) 626-5062 
  • Speakers/Professors - AICE

    The American-Israeli Cooperative is pleased to be hosting twenty three Israeli professors in universities around America. These visiting scholars have academic backgrounds in all manner of subjects. Professors often lecture about Israel to students on campus and communities off campus on the subject of Israel as well as their own fields. If you are interested in hosting a visiting scholar for a lecture or panel, contact Zachary Scheinerman at or 301-565-3918.